Inauguration of A19

February 20th 2019

Download A19 Official Mobile App

A'19 Official Mobile App

The Sri Lanka Institute of Architects is happy to announce the launch of the A19 official mobile app. It was developed with the key aim of bringing together Sri Lankan Architects, the construction industry and the general public into a single digital platform. The mobile app which is available on both the Android and iOS platforms, will offer a host of different features, which will help the public connect with both Architects and the trade.

Locate your favorite stalls

The mobile app has an inbuilt map of the exhibition premises which will make navigating the exhibition easier for visitors. Users can simply search for the architects, or companies that they are interested in and the relevant locations will be highlighted on the app. Users can them simply navigate their way to the location. Visitors will also be able to get a quick overview of the stalls and architect panels that in their vicinity.

Find the best professionals for your next adventure

One of the key features of the A19 official app, is the availability of Architect Profiles. These profiles bring into highlight the recent work of Sri Lanka’s leading architects. The work covered will span across a wide spectrum, from commercial to residential and leisure projects. Users will be able to browse these profiles and easily connect with architects via the convenient communication options provided via the app.

Stay connected with industry innovators

Every year the Architect Exhibition seeing the island’s most innovative organizations coming forward to showcase their products and services. The A19 mobile app, enables the public to get informed on the latest innovations of the construction industry by easily browsing trade profiles.

Keep up with the activities of the event

The A19 official mobile app will also help visitors to the exhibition keep track of all the events happening with the course of the exhibition’s run. From addresses by prominent architects, product launches and special offers by our trade partners, the app will ensure that you don’t miss out any important event.